Land Use & Permitting

Remy Moose Manley, LLP, represents public agencies, private entities and public interest groups on a wide variety of matters related to land use planning and the acquisition of permits and other entitlements. Our many years of experience encompass a broad scope of activities and laws, including:

  • assistance with site acquisition and due diligence;
  • amendment and adoption of general plans, community plans, specific plans, redevelopment plans and zoning ordinances;
  • interpretation and application of the State Planning & Zoning Law, the Subdivision Map Act, the Williamson Act, State and Federal Endangered Species Acts, the Coastal Act, and other related land use statutes;
  • advising and representing clients in Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) proceedings;
  • advising school districts with respect to special rules that apply to the acquisition of school sites and other school-related activities and projects;
  • drafting development agreements, finance plans, easements, memoranda of understanding, AQ-15 plans, and other development-related documents and entitlements.