Community Involvement

Remy Moose Manley, LLP’s attorneys are actively involved in leading and supporting a wide variety of community organizations. Additionally, the firm provides substantial donations every year to community groups, social service organizations, and political campaigns.

Cottage Housing, Inc.

CHI is an independent, community-based non-profit corporation launched in 1994 by Sacramento religious, business and community leaders seeking an alternative to traditional homeless intervention strategies that typically rely upon temporary housing, crisis-oriented, problem-focused methodologies. CHI creates healing communities that are solution-focused, participant-driven and strength-based, where homeless people help themselves – and each other – to move from the streets to self-sustainability. CHI, in partnership with Mercy Housing, operates two facilities: (1) the Bishop Francis Quinn Cottages located in Midtown Sacramento which houses over 100 adults and their children. Since opening in 1998, the graduation rate nearly tripled (31% to 89.6%); and (2) Serna Village located in McClellan Park, which opened for 40 families in 2002 and has doubled in capacity to over 83 families and 250 kids who now have a place to call “home.”  Over 200 families are on the CHI waiting list in 2013. Andrea K. Leisy is a current Board Member of CHI.

Francis House

Francis House is a resource counseling service center for homeless and low-income persons in Sacramento, located at 1422 C Street. For 40 years, Francis House has offered a number of vital services to enable its clients to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency, such as vouchers for California I.D.s, birth certificates, and California driver’s licenses, assistance with computers, job searches, and mentoring, transportation vouchers to allow clients to get to and from work for the first two weeks of a new job, and hotel stays for families with children. Francis House also offers counseling for veterans, assistance with SSI applications, anger management classes, one-on-one counseling, encouragement and referrals.  RMM Partner Sabrina Teller has served on the Corporate Advisory Board of Francis House since 2009.

Solar Cookers International

Solar Cookers International (SCI) is a Sacramento-based non-profit corporation devoted to increasing the use of solar thermal cooking devices in sun-rich countries in order to reduce indoor air pollution from wood- and charcoal-burning stoves, to slow deforestation in countries where firewood consumption is leading to desertification, and to liberate women from the drudgery of traveling great distances in search of firewood.  SCI has an on-the-ground operation in Kenya that for many years has distributed solar cooking devices to extremely needy communities.  SCI promotes the use of solar thermal cooking technology and related energy-efficient technologies through global advocacy, direct service, and partnerships with other organizations, including those that promote other fuel efficient cooking devices and solar lighting.  RMM Partner Jim Moose has been a Board Member of Solar Cookers International since 2008.  He has traveled to Kenya on behalf of SCI.

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Harry S. Truman Democratic Club

The Truman Club is a Sacramento-based organization committed to maintaining and increasing local Democratic representation by supporting qualified incumbents and developing a new generation of Democratic leaders. The Club’s diverse membership includes business owners, community activists, labor groups and public officials who, through their leadership and financial support, promote Democratic Party principles and candidates in the Sacramento region. The Club regularly organizes luncheon presentations on topics of interest to its members and endorses qualified Democratic candidates for elected office.  RMM Partner Howard “Chip” Wilkins has been a Board Member of the Truman Club since 2008.

Yolo Basin Foundation

The Yolo Basin Foundation is a community based organization formed to assist in the establishment of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. The Foundation is credited with being the driving force behind the partnership that created the Yolo Wildlife Area. The Foundation cooperates with the California Department of Fish and Game, who currently manages the Yolo Wildlife Area. Yolo Basin Foundation continues as the communication link between many people and organizations involved in creating wetlands and managing the land in the Yolo Bypass. A principal goal of the Foundation is facilitating environmental education in the Yolo Wildlife Area, for all ages. RMM Partner Whit Manley has been a Board Member of the Yolo Basin Foundation since 2008.